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KUL 42 Pack
Early Access

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Pack Details

Pack Features and Materials

These are frameless packs designed for an ultralight loadout. The comfort rating is estimated to be 10kg, with a max load rating of 12.5kg. 


They have 32L+ internal volume to the top of the shoulder straps (this is based on a short torso length and will increase with increasing torso length), additional volume is available above the shoulder straps depending on how full you pack the bag.  The external side and front pockets provide and extra 10L along with 2x 550mL hip belt pockets.


The packs are made from HyperD 300 fabric, a 300-denier polyester diamond grid fabric. The packs are durable and highly water resistant (although we don't seal the seams, so it will not be fully waterproof and a pack liner is recommended).


The packs weigh approximately 380g when complete, and the hip belt can be removed to subtract 85g to have a sub-300g pack!


Pattern Options

There are 6 patterns available in the first batch (shown above). Each batch of patterns is custom-made in small quantities to give each pack a unique quality. 

Colouring Book_edited.jpg

1. Colouring Book


4. Geometric


2. Waves

Northern Lights.JPG

5. Southern Lights

Paisley 2.JPG

3. Green Paisley

Lagoon Nebula.JPG

6. Lagoon Nebula

How to get early access

We will be giving a steep discount and early access to 3 applicants who apply below. In return, we will ask for a timely review, photos and video of the pack in use, and other social media material to help promote the pack's official release at the end of Winter.  

We want a range of applicants who can comfortably carry this pack for any duration between day trips to multiday trips, don't shy away from applying if you are only under the 10kg comfort rating during your shorter walks!

Once chosen, we will contact you for further details before making your custom pack. We will also provide you with a contract regarding the details of your discounted price and what social media and review content we'll require in return.

Get Early Access!
What will use this pack for?
Which pattern(s) do you prefer

Thanks for applying for early access, we will contact you soon!

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