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Cottage values, ultralight innovation 

Kiwi Ultralight is a family-owned, New Zealand-based ultralight gear manufacturer and supplier. Our goal is to inform and improve the tramping experience of Kiwis, thru-hikers, and ultralight hikers of the world.


Our Values

We leverage our expertise to deliver innovative, top-of-the-line ultralight products. We only sell products we use ourselves, engineered and tested extensively on long trails of the world and the New Zealand bush. 


Each product has been engineered to perfection. Where possible, we make each product ourselves or with the help of local sewists and other local small businesses. Our Big 3 are made locally using the best globally sourced materials. Some of our accessories have been outsourced where this results in the customer receiving a better product.


We use no disposable packaging and sell no single-use products. All of our down is ethically sourced (this is verified by 3rd parties), and of the highest quality. Read more about it in our FAQ.


We greatly value conservation efforts and safety crews that make the outdoors better and safer for trampers and native species. We offer discounts to volunteers and employees in these fields, just reach out.

Who We Are

The owners, Debra and Cody, have over 15,000 km of tramping experience, including long-distance thru-hikes of Te Araroa, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Appalachian Trail, as well as tracks all over New Zealand.


The experience of going ultralight was one of the most challenging, and rewarding, aspects of our lifelong tramping adventures.  Kiwi Ultralight is our way to bring the world of ultralight tramping home to New Zealand.


We put our professional careers behind us to focus on nature and our passion for gear. When and engineer and a scientist decide to use their skillsets to design outdoor gear, you can expect nothing less than the best.


Get in Touch

Contact us with questions or to request custom work. We'll do our best to help you better enjoy the outdoors!

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