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Sauntering Thru

Sauntering Thru

Sauntering Thru: Lessons in Ambition, Minimalism, and Love on the Appalachian Trail


In 2019, the owners of Kiwi Ultralight met while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. This book is written by Cody (Raiden) about his experience on the trail, including meeting Debra (Chilly Bin). Below you can read the original blurb for the book:


Sauntering Thru follows the true story of the author, Raiden, a scientist who escaped to the mountains and found humility, simple living, and a lifelong partner (Chilly Bin) whom he met, against all odds, while hiking through the woods covered in dirt. Together, they traveled from Georgia to Maine on foot – a 2192 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. That summer, they experienced the immersive natural beauty of one of North America’s great long trails – alongside the mental lows of walking endless miles over ankle-breaking rocks; being swarmed by biting insects; and narrowly escaping numerous adventure-ending pitfalls such as dangerous hitchhikes, nearly shattering kneecaps, and barely avoiding hypothermia, twice.

These low points anchored this grand adventure, drew the couple together, and proved that together they could overcome any obstacle. It was the perfect experience, and it changed everything. This story aims to share both the euphoria and the harrowing difficulties of walking the Appalachian Trail while providing insights on minimalism and the other lessons taught by a summer living the simple life.

Join Chilly Bin and Raiden on their journey to Katahdin!

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