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Torso Measurement for Pack Sizing

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

How to determine your torso length for a custom ultralight backpack

When purchasing a Kiwi Ultralight Tui 42, we will ask for your torso length in order to make your custom pack. Please follow the instructions below, along with the image provided, to properly determine your torso length.

  1. Find the C7 vertebra (labeled "A") by tilting your head forward and finding the first big bump in your spine where your shoulders meet your neck.

  2. Place your hands at the top of the Illiac Crest. This is the uppermost part of your hip bone. If you point your thumbs straight toward your spine from here, the imaginary line between your thumbs is the bottom of your measurement (labeled "B").

  3. Have a friend measure the distance between points A and B. This is the number we need for your torso length.

Also note that while your pack is sized to fit the measurement you provide, the Tui 42 has 3 attachment positions for the hip belt. This results in adjustable sizing within a range of 7cm.

If you have any questions, please ask - we want your pack to be perfect!

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